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I'm throwing this out there to see if anyone is interested in a complete BP swap for there pro/323/escort. All items have 181,000 miles on them. Parts that are included:
BP motor(I'd rebuild it. Burns oil and smokes a little. Still runs strong though)
Trans(shifts perfect)
Shift linkage
All 4 motor mounts
Powdercoated valve cover
Optical disty
Intake manifold
BP10 ecu
Protege Lx 5 spd wiring harness(also has the pin moved and extra wire for the 4 wire tps setup)
4 wire tps throttle body
Tapped oil pan
Toga oil pump
Lifetime warrenty water pump(can swap it out with a new one so that would be 1 less thing you'd have to buy)
New timing belt(besides the 1 that's on it)
I might have some spare seals laying around(cam seals,ect)
Also have a spare BP block and a bunch of spare parts like pistons and rods I can throw in the mix If you bought the whole thing
Newish lifetime warrenty axles
Crossmember(might need this you mx3 V6 guys that want to swap in a BP)
Basically its everything I'm taking out to put my v6 in. Let me know the intrest. I'm getting ready to do this soon
Oil and water pumps have less than 30,000miles on them..probably closer to 20,000. I meant the motor and trans had 181,000 miles.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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