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GI: Parts - Lowering springs, mx3 seats, etc

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Would anyone possibly be interested in:
-clear corners ($30)
-tokico blue struts with eibach lowering springs - COMPLETE WITH MOUNTS, STRAIGHT DROP IN SUSPENSION ($300)
-front and rear strut bars($80 for both)
-modded BMW e36 headlights with angel eyes, straight BOLT IN ($100)
-mx3 front seats with rails, BOLT IN ($80)
-centre console ($25)

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bump for change of plans, possible part out.
why jdubbs why , you have the cleanest escort on feoa an your selling/parting out ......

your going to miss it
I am very interested in the shocks/springs and the strut bars, but I am in the U.S. of Utah. So...

1. Are your prices CAD?

2. Are you willing to find out shipping costs to U.S. 84096?

i want those springs man lol soo bad
centre console ($25)
I will take this for sure. Toss me your Paypal and/or a shipping quote to ZIP of 55011 :)
well I want to avoid shipping because I hate the hassle, I don't have a lot of free time. So if I decide to go ahead with the sales, it'll go to anyone local first, then shipping after if I can't get rid of it locally.

these are all gauging interest for now guys. I'm not sure what my plans are yet.
wanna drive the seats to the us side of the peace bridge? im still not allowed in canada yet....lol.... pm me i never come here much but had to ask
1 - 8 of 8 Posts