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Looks like turpro will be going v6 after all. I have an opporunity to use a car till my swap is done so I need to know who's interested in this stuff and has money when it does

Protege lx G series trans with 626 5th gear swap
Dohc bp intake manifold
Dohc bp fuel rail with injectors
Dohc bp auto 4wire tps throttle body
Protege dohc bp wiring harness with already pin swapped for a 4 wire tps setup
Dohc bp disty-optical
Dohc axles and half shaft
Dohc bp(I think escort gt BP09) ecu
Motor mounts for dohc bp
Powdercoated(red) mazda dohc valve cover
Dohc bp flywheel

These things sell and I'll be rollin with 2 more cylinders in no time. So....who wants these things?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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