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For Sale:

1994 Ford Escort GT. Has about 275,000 KM on it right now. It's daily driven every day, and still runs fantastic.

About it:
1994 Escort GT
Power Windows
Power Locks (sort of)
Sunroof (manual, not power - Just pops up)
Fog Lights…

you know what a GT comes with!

The Bad:
Has rust on the rear quarters, of course. Just like almost every other Escort I've seen!! The front bumper has a hole in it (behind the licence plate), but I will include another egt front bumper with the sale.

The ABS light is on. It's been on for over 2 years, the whole time I've had the car. Nothing I've ever worried about.

Just on the weekend the passenger side power window stopped working. I think it's just the switch. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I know it's not the motor though. Should be an easy fix.

Windshield is cracked

Last summer there was a hail storm here. The roof and hood have some hail damage. You can only tell if you're really close to the car.

if you really beat on it, and slam gears, the clutch will slip. It's not really bad.. I still daily drive it and need to accelerate fast to merge on highways, and it's fine for me. Just bad if you really slam gears full thottle. Will include a brand new 6 puck stage 3 clutch with the car when it's sold, so the buyer has that if they want to replace it.

List of mods:

- Clear Corners
- GC Coilovers (It's very low right now!)
- GAB struts (I think)
- Front strut bar
- Rear Strut bar
- PIAA headlight bulbs
- All Red Tails
- Black MX3 Carpet
- Black Privacy Cover
- Black MX3 rear center console with latching lid
- Black Leather MX3 shift boot
- Black Door Panels
- Recaro Seats
- 15" Black with silver lip 5 spoke wheels with summer tires (Nexen N2000)
- Shaved EGT grill (has no ford emblem)
- Removed 'Escort GT' badging on rear trunk
- Removed Side Molding
- Alpine Head Unit
- Alpine Amp
- Alpine 10" (or 12", cant' remember) Type E sub in custom sub box in the trunk (fully functional trunk, can't tell there's a sub in it)

- Oil Changes done by myself every 5k, K&N oil filter with 5w30 or 10w30 oil (usually Castrol GTX High Mileage)
- Brand new full steering rack and pinion in the summer of '08
- New brake lines to the rear, spring '09
- New fuel pump Oct 08


For EVERYTHING, I'd looking for $1,600.

If you want it cheaper, we can do that. For $1,100 I will sell the car without the wheels, seats or stereo. Everything else is included.

If people want certain things (seats, system, wheels, etc, we may work things out)

Here are a few pics of the car frmo this spring.


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Skuce said:
Still have those Rota's? and what are those Recaro's out of?
Nope sorry, the Rota's were sold a year or two ago.

The Recaro's are out of (I think) an EVO III or IV. They're actually very comfortable. I drive in them for hours on end, and they aren't hard like other aftermarket 'racing seats'. Guess cause they were OEM seats.

They're welded on the correct rails, and swap in 5 minutes, just the 4 bolts on the floor.
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