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Getting rid of road grime and more..

Discussion in 'How-To's' started by Blitzter, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Blitzter

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    I use to do auto body work and painting. Was told this by an old auto body guy. To use Goof Off, and yes it does work. Tired of trying to get road grime, overspray and just the accumulated crap that gets on to your Escorts body? Well Goof Off is just plain easy to use and it's a use and lose, for the dirt and grime.

    Use a clean rag, apply some Goof Off to a rag, dab the spot/spots with it, wait a few and then rub the spot/spots with it. Depending on the spot/spots they will come off very fast and easy with not much elbow grease, or none at all. For painted parts after you treated, clean the area, then re wax.
    I always have Goof Off on hand. It's great for so many other things.

    Like you, I love working on my Escorts, but just don't like spending most of the day cleaning and the grime, etc off it. Also it is a lot easier on cars clear coat, then lets say paint thinner. Give it a try, i'm sure you will come to love this stuff and all the things it can clean.
  2. Maxwelhse

    Maxwelhse FEOA Member

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    The primary chemical in Goof Off "adhesive remover" is dichloromethane, which is also used as a paint stripper. Not sure I'd use a ton of that stuff on my car. There are about 100 formulations of "Goof Off" and others are no more than scented Kerosene. It's almost impossible to know what you're buying when you get a bottle of that stuff.

    WD-40 works well too and is mostly just light oil. I can also personally attest to using it as a "goo" remover on my cars for at least the last 20 years. No damage, but I do wash it off right away.
  3. Pizzaman5000

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    Central OH
    I second that, wd 40 does a great job on road grime. Pb blaster works wonders if you have tar on the car. Pretty much anything that penetrates will clean your car well. But then you've gotta whip out the denatured alcohol... And the wax
  4. Intuit

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    Southwest Ohio
    Keep in mind that friction of any kind, wears away clear coat. Function before vanity.
  5. cajunscort96wagon

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    and brake clean will remove spraypaint in case someone vandalizes your paint gang banger style..... just have to have a good wax to follow up with

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