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getn fogs alone

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how do I wire up my 91GT so i can turn the foglights on without having the headlights on?
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by pass the headlight switch and go directly to the power source itself. the reason why Ford did that was because GT lamps weren´t bright enough to be used as driving lamps.
Yeah from the diagrams I have in my haynes manual it seems logical to bypass the headlight switch... but what I am trying to say is exactly WHERE are all these wires located, etc.

I´ll pop out the fog light switch and check it out.
thanks for the hlp
when i bought my aftermarket foglamps for my lx, i took them in to get installed (i knew diddly about any electronics / mechanical back then), and the guy just hooked it straight up into one of the empty fuse locations in the fuse box. of course, with a resistor inbetween and stuff, and it goes to a on/off swotch i put in just up and to the right of the fuse box (not the best locale, but out of the way)
Well, I´ve got the wiring diagram right here in front of me, and it looks like the main headlights and the foglights are wired up in series with eachother, the feed coming through the headlight switch, then through the foglight switch, the to the ground. It seems like I´ll need to splice in a new feed wire to the fog lights to get them to work... hrm.

Somebody must have done this before and could possibly point me in the right direction.
ok, i found this on a wed site that i dont remember, i hope this helps. :-]

OK, locate the Parking light relay. Its under the dash, in the drivers footwell, up inside slightly to the left. With your head down there, turn the parking lights on and off and locate it from the clicking. Once you locate it, find the red wire with the black stripe. Thats the relays output wire. You will want to tap into this wire for power. Dont cut it, just remove the insulation for 3/8-1/2" and solder another 24" or so long wire to it. Insulate it with some electrical tape.

Now, Cut the FAT red wire going into the fog light switch. Insulate the exposed end coming up from the dash. Strip the wire going into the switch and solder the wire running from the parking light relay to this wire. Use electrcal tape or shrink tubing on this connection.

Thats it. Put the lower dash back together, which is the easiest way to get to the fog light switch. The fogs will now work when the parking lights are on, and they wil automatically turn off when the parking lights are turned off. That makes sure that you´ll never leave them on.

Doing this took me about 20 minutes. Its EXTREMELY easy to do.

RECOMMENDED FOR ANY EGT OWNER. This can be done to any Ford car with the BS fog light setup. The wire colors will be different of course on ther cars.
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By "parking lights" do you mean flashers, like the "hazard" lights? Because I don´t see the use of fog lights or any driving lights for that matter, if your flashers are going at the same time... correct me if I´m wrong or something...

also, I´d like to have it so if I leave the lights on, the car will beep and let me know that I left them on. There´s got to be a way to do this... I want to do it right the first time.

thanks for the help though.
Parking lamps are the same as the turn signals. On your stalk you have the off switch, parking lamps only, and then parking lamps & headlights.
AH!!! the "corners"!

woot! I would have run the fogs with these lights anyways... cool. So in that case, they will beep because they would come on with them anyways.

What gauge wire should I use for the splice? Do the lights appear any dimmer since I´m using the parking lamp feed?

cool.... I´ll check this out and if it all clears out, I´ll do it. neat.
I´m not sure if it´d bog down the power but, depending on how much amperage those fogs use it might bog down the corner lamps. I´m not too qualified to answer anything about electricity. I´m not good with it. When i put my fog lamps I was happy to use the wiring that was already there, but i did splice the washer nozzels into them. ;-)
Hey Trashknight, you stole my GT wiring information! Its nice to see someone got something from one of my websites.

Check out my GT site. I posted that foglight hook up direction page 4 years ago...


Here is a direct link, posted on my old GT site:

Sorry man, i didnt mean to not give you credit for it i just didnt remember where i got it from, as i said in the post. I hope it was cool that i posted the info, just trying to help someone out and now that i know where it came from i can tell people in the future.
hey mike, you ride a jeckyl?! you son of a bitch! :-] I´ve got a 98 raven 2000 and I also enjoy hopping on the bike when the weather is warmer...

EGT´s, cannondales... what could be better?

and yeah thanks to boths ofs yous fors the infos... muchos appreciannos. :-D
yay! just got back from soldering and testing- they work great! thanks for the help guys.
Now you got me wanting to do this siragan :p I´m looking at my car and it kinda looks stupid to have my headlights on when I have my AVS covers on them! I might just do the same thing there.
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