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Gen 1 custom (homeade) Cold Air Intake

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I don´t know if any other Gen 1 owners have done this or if I was the first to think of it. Anyway as soon as I bought my 89 EGT I got right to trying to make it go faster. Being used to driving my Mustang I am always looking to make any car go faster. The first thing I noticed was that little straw used to attach the VAF sensor to the Throttle Body. Seriously, it goes from 2.5 or 3 inches at the VAF to one inch then back to 2.5 at the throttle body. I saw that as a big breathing restriction, so I yanked it out and found some flexable ducting hose at the auto parts store to replace it. I noticed a bit more pep for that alone. Then I got to thinking about a cold air intake system. Seeing how the air box is right next to the header I had to find a way to get cooler air to the airbox. Luckly Ford made a perfet place to get cold air under the hood. Thanks to those nice little vents in the hood near the windshield, and a nice amout of space between the windshild and the firewall where the washer fluid tank sits, I knew that´s where I would get it from. If anyone is confused I´ll get to the point. My washer fluid tank was dry rotted so I just ripped it out, then I unbolted the VAF/Airbox and saw that the airbox was just the right size to fit where the fluid tank was. So I got out my handy tin snips, pulled back the weather stripping at the top of the fire wall and started cutting away. I made the cut just to the right of the master cylinder. It´s just wide enough to slide the VAF sensor into. I also took the weatherstripping and cut it to fit around the VAF providing extra heat shielding to the airbox. And since I had the ducting hose, I just hooked it right up, and voila, outside air. Also I "Swiss Cheesed" the top of the airbox to allow more airflow. As far as the hoses that were attached to the airbox I wrapped them up with zip ties, and got some of those little baby K&N breather filters and popped then in. If anyone has any questions or wants pics, drop me a line.
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