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I might need some new gauges in the near future, because my speedometer does not work. Are there any cool aftermarket gauges out there for a 94 lx w/out tach?
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Well you could always get gauge overlays, but you need working factory gauges to make stuff like that work. Or I guess you could go with complete aftermarket gauges like Autometer, AutoGage, or Sun gauges.

If you wanted a really cool look, you could add an A´PEXi Rev/Speed Meter to act as your speedo and tach....but the speedo would be km/h
What´s the rev/speed meter? A combination unit with 2 needles? that would look cool...
are there any web sites or can I just go down to the parts stroe and pick them up.
A´PEXi Rev/Speedmeter is totally digital. It looks just like my S-AFC orthe AVC-R´s on the market, but focus on speed, rev, lab time, stop watch, and a basic quarter mile estimate type stuff.

You can display everything digitally, or digital-analog gauges, or graphs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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