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Gauge Cluster Light...MISSING!..

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ok well maybe not missing, but not working!... i drove around all night waiting to pass a street light to see i was goin lik 65. But its odd. my turn signals come on and all that good stuff, but my gauges AND my climate control´s dont light up anymore.... i THINK my taillights dont light up at night either, i think that goes along with those lights tho... all we did today was put pedals, clear corners, and mess with the stereo a tad.. but i dont think that would bother it
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your room fuse was fine when we were checking them at that last minute as well. Kitchens tracers light went all funky doodle on him one night too.
yeah, sounds more like a fuse or a short. I know most of that stuff that controls the dimness is wired to the dimmer and its easy to get to. ...check those wires down there.
your stereo can short that fuse. They all do go together so I would have to say check that fuse.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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