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Gas tank and right turns. Not the usual situation just look

Discussion in '2nd Gen 1991-1996 1.8L DOHC' started by uglyducklingescort, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. uglyducklingescort

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    Tulsa, OK
    Well we all know about the car loosing power at the right turn on the lower end of the gas tank.

    Same problem here although the car will not regain power again as most will stumble and then keep on going.

    I put the fuel pump on a switch for lots of reasons. Don't ask.

    Ok the pump is the stock length, stock type strainer (even tried others)

    Didn't seem like it wanted to pick anything up off the bottom of the tank.

    The ford surge thing is offm straight hose to the fuel pump all tight.

    Ok after it dies it sounds like the fuel pump will not build pressure again as if it is out of gas.

    If I remove the line from the filter, pump off, plug it right back in, turn the pump back on car will fire right up.

    Any ideas? Return system is flowing just fine, not sure what the psi of the fuel system is as this point as all my tools were stolen. Although this shouldn't be the issues I wouldn't think. It is the removing the line and plugging it back in that has got me.

  2. ChrisfromMilwaukee

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    What you are describing sounds just like a vapor lock problem of sorts. While I was dismembering the 92 I saw a vacuum controlled solinoid on the end of the fuel rail where it connects to the return line. I am guessing that this controls the fuel pressure in the rail somehow and logic says that if this is the case it could make the fuel pump not build up to pressure. Control solinoid fails or partially fails zapping pressure from the fuel rail.

    When this ailment occurs, does the fuel pump just keep running or does it eventually pressure up and turn off?

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