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Gas Gauge ~

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It seems as my.. gas gauge is showing the wrong results, I have filled the tank up.. and it still sits at once notch above empty… Could it be frozen due to the cold weather? Could some one explain how this works. Thanks,
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Mine also fluctuates, i can go 2 Dial´s widths past Empty and sometimes, ill get in my car, it will say im at half then after a couple seconds it sez 1/4
My fuel gauge is not accurate even though it works OK. I depend on the odometer reading.

My car is a 95 LX. My manual says there are 3 parts: fuel gauge, instrument cluster gauge amplifier, and fuel level sensor.

The sensor floats in the tank and gives a different electrical resistance to the fuel gauge depending on the height of the fuel. The amplifier provides a delay circuit to prevent the needle from fluctuating. The gauge is a magnetic indicating system. Movement of the fuel gauge needle depends on the amount of current flowing through the coil.
I´ve got a 95LX. For me, it´s normal for the gauge to read 1/2 tank at rest (needle is vertical) and then a minute or two after driving, it gives an accurate reading of the actual fuel level.
I think it has something to do with the momentum of the fuel in the tank...When I take off really hard at 1/2 tank full, It´ll rise to 3/4 tank, and if I brake hard it´ll drop back to 1/2 tank, even though I usually know exactly where it should be by my trip odometer. Right now I´m right around 155 miles, so I should have just over 1/4 tank. (my gas mileage sucks ass, I only got 15 mpg last I filled up, and usually I don´t get much over 19 mpg)... when I see that, I usually just drive like an insane psychopath anyway. what do I care? I´m getting worse mileage then a Mustang GT.
Yeah. Gas gages in both scorts seem to be accurate. I figured out my mileage a couple times in my 91, and I´m getting 27.5mpg, mixed driving. I reset my trip odom every time I fillup too.
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I just got 18.6 mpg when i filled up earlier tonight. So I drive like a psycho, I don´t care
My fuel gauge is questionable. Sometimes the low fuel light will come on after 265 miles, and sometimes it won´t come on til 310. Even though my driving patterns are almost always the same.
damn...mine usually comes on roughly right around 190-200, the most i´ve ever gotten out of one tank is 236 miles. and that gave me like 21 mpg.
Holy Cow!!! Thats some pretty crappy mileage there bud. Maybe you should get some fuel system cleaner and run it through a tank of gas. Does anyone know why there would be such a huge difference in our mileage?
I´ve run fuel system/injector cleaner through it. it didn´t do much. it´s still burning a little oil, i put two quarts in it saturday. I´ve had two major rebuilds done ALREADY (after the timing belt broke, then the oil rings failed) and it still gets this crappy mileage.
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are you bragging or complaining?
i guess i should be happy with my 18-21 then.
ok how come my post went inside sportscorts???? I don´t like it.
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I dunno I get about the same milage as james there. My gas gauage is also broke. It will always read full untile it gets low and than it will go down to around empty. Somtimes it might go to half but most times it stays at full till it gets low. What woul dbe the problem if anyone knows?
Density altitude affects all your sensors, hence effecting your fuel consumption. Here´s my story:

The day I bought the car I was suspect the gauge wasn´t working right. I actually suspect its the in tank sensor...but either way I dont trust the gauge. By being gutsy and poor this is what I´ve gotten out of the scort:

I peaked once at 39mpg.
Avg (was): 30mpg
Avg (lately before turbo): 25mpg
Avg (Turbocharged low boost): 23mpg

I´m hoping to get about 14mpg under 8psi driving hard.
I never had any problems with gauge before. But you see my tank is full and the needle says it is empty. So my question is..what could be causing this ?
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Is the tank half-full? Or half-empty? What would the Zen-master say?
Slosh Module ? how would I go about reaplacing this ?

To some the tank is half full, some it is empty and to some there is no tank but a fish bowl.

ps: stay away from drugs you kids
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