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Garrett T3

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I got a Garrett T3 turbo, what all will I have to have to bolt it up, and how much psi would I be able to run on a stock 1.9? Also where can I get a cheap turbo manifold?


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You would have to get the RS turbo manifold to put the t-3 turbo on your Escort. Right now I am the only person who has turboed their 1991 Ford Escort lx second gen. here is a link to pictures and a write up on how I turboed my Escort http://pub51.ezboard.com/funitedescortownersboardfrm63.showMessage?topicID=150.topic you can run 6 to 7 PSI on your stock engine.
You have to get a RS turbo manifold from europe. It bolts up directly to the 1.9 liter engine.


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Ever heard of the RS Escort, it is a factory turboed Ford Escort that was sold in Europe. What they do is strip the old cars down and sell the parts. And the factory turbo manifold from the RS Escort will fit on the 1.9 liter Escort LX.
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