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April 12 / 2010

Well the day finally came when all the turbo bits ive been collecting started finding them selves lined up on the bench an one by one getting put on and assembled.

So far a basic tear down has been done to access a few things , the BP26 manifold and VJ-20 are currently sitting on the head studs so some things can be lined up easily , Once i drain the coolant i can remove the BP05 water line and install the GTX water line with the proper coolant feed spout for the VJ-20 , i need to make up a return line to tie into the heater core hose.
i still need to pick up a fitting for the oil drain for the oil pan.
Ill be using a set of MX6 GT injectors , RX-7 vaf ( to be retuned ) , BP26 ecu

So far progress is small but Rome wasn't built in a day.
Ill post up some pics as i go

Shopping list for this week:

VJ-20 Gasget ( IHI )
Down Pipe Gasket ( T3 )
Banjo bolt ( for oil feed line )
Copper washers ( for oil feed line )
1/4" copper line
Vac Hose
4L of Castrol 10w30 high mileage , filter


** Update ** April 15/2010

FMIC is mounted , EGT front bumper fits with out any modification so far , drilled out spare oil pan installed the oil drain barb.
Fabricating turbo coolant return line , heater hose adapter.
modifying IC charge pipe from a blow through to a draw through

Remaining bits on shopping list:

Banjo bolt
copper washers
vj20 gasket , down pipe gasket

** Update ** April 20 /2010

Charge pipe is complete , awaiting paint to dry ( over night ) , Gaskets were ordered from Mazda , banjo bolt was ordered from Mazda ( will be ready for pick up from dealer by 9 am )
all i need to do now is bolt up mani/turbo , hook up coolant feed/return , put zip ties on some vac lines , turn the key an cross my fingers :jive:

Current set up:

BP26 manifold
VJ-20 Turbo
Re-designed/Fabricated Charge pipe ( nice tight and clean fit 8) )
FMIC ( 26" x 12" x 2.5" aprox )
RX-7 Vaf
NGK iradium R6 plugs ( i have 1 step colder than this just incase )
BP26 ECU ( mega squirt almost ready for reprogram for base map , plug n play install )
MX6 GT injectors ( 325cc )

How Gadget sits right now the Fiesta grill is just sitting , i was curious to what it would look like .

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So Stoked to see this car and what it can do. It was fast N/A now its boosted!! the mind can only fathom such things that shall come.
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