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I just got my set today. Those guys are really fast shippers. Took them 2 days to reach Canada. So about installiation. Well nothing is perfect. For both tach and speedo you still have to remove needleses. Other thing is that you´ll need a few drops of glue or tuch up paint to hold them right in place. Otherwize they will curve. Tach connector and temperature are in good position but speedo and fuel are little bit on the way of cover. You´ll have to mode those areas so connectors are not bend, and because otherwize you´ll not be able to fit cover back. I didn´t do wireing properly yet. Tomorrow but I ran everything trough sigaret lighter and they were all working just great. All features are the way they described. Together with my neons it looks really cool. I´ll take pics asaic

P.S. You´ll need to remove all light bulbs except ones for speedo that lights up millage.
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