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gonna be selling it soon. bought a super nice 03 TRD tacoma 4x4 for a daily 8)

it's the car in my sig. i'll get more and more recent pictures up along with a full description and turn it into a tru FS thread soon. but here's the basics.

it's not the right car if you are looking for something to buy and not have to do any work on to turn into a daily. it's a perfect car though for someone looking to invest a little into it to make it great.

94, 215k ish miles, but all of the body panels are extremely straight and dent free compared to the average egt. the paint is ok except for it's very faded on the bumpers. but the bumpers are in excellent shape besides the paint. the only serious blemishes the body has is a deep scratch in one of the sideskirts that's a relatively easy fix, and one tiny rust spot on the roof. again another relatively easy fix.

i actually just swapped the tranny out for a lower mileage one probably 20k miles ago. and the engine has low compression, and is on it's way out, but actually still runs relatively great. it may last only 10k miles, it may last 40k. i don't know. it will work for a while but plan on replacing it in the future. suspension is stock with some poly swaybar endlinks and strut bars.

all in all it is the perfect project car for someone looking to do a gtx swap, and some paint work. straight body panels, zero rust. looking to get around $700.
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