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ok.. i hear this all the time.. i assume it is the f*** word... but how does one see the f*** word in that.. or i see ppl have like sux0rs.. how can you read that.. am i lookin at it totally the wrong way .. or is there a way to pronounce that.
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welcome to the world of L337 sp34K, my little grasshopper.

fux0r is basically fuck in leet speak. sux0rs is sucks in leet, and same applies to other things as well.

it´s pronounces just how it looks- sucks-oars, fucks-oars, etc

s0on, my s3nse1 son, y0u too w1ll know the w4ys of 7he l337. wo0tz0|2z!
I think I´ll stick to the normal English language. I´m so damn good at typing I hate laptops because there is no side number keypad so I´m always reaching for the numbers up above here and I usually have to search around before I hit the right one. I don´t know how you can type like that, because sometimes I can´t read it. :p

11-02-2003 at 19:15, siragan wrote:


lol i luv that one :-]


11-02-2003 at 22:19, Juggernaut wrote:


you mean "5w337!"
Ummmm, i don´t get it. Translation please...
I think I will stick to speaking Chinese. :-D
uhmm.... Bueno! Estas palabras es mucho suave! Pero, sabe espanol un mas.

wow....7 years since sitting in a spanish class....I know I did something wrong there.
wouldn´t 7 be L? not that it really matters...
and then there´s ascii fun!

and don´t forget the singing choir of smileys: öÖöÖöÖö
7 = T
1 = L

leetspeak was created to get around language filters. You can say fuxors all day long just about anywhere.. I bet you could even get it on your license plate, but you can´t say f*** all day without repercussions or [censored] appearing.
Ok I think I get everything else, but what is wo0tz0|2z? And does 3 stand for E? To think I´ve been using a computer for years and have know idea what half this stuff means.
3=E, w00t being something like woohoo! yay! etc, |2 = R

so it´s just a funny combo of 1337 5p34k
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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