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Penny walked out of the Starbuck's with her latte and saw the wierdest funeral procession. A hearse, followed by a second hearse, then a middle aged woman in mourning garb walking a pit bull, then 200 women in single file, all travelling down Main street at walking speed.
Penny couldn't help but inqire, so she approached the grieving lady and said:
"I'm sorry for the intrusion, but just who died?"
"My husband." replied the lady.
"How did he die?" asked Linda.
"My dog attacked him."
Penny thought a moment, and asked "Who's in the other hearse, then?"
"Oh, that's my mother in law," replied the lady. "She tried to save my husband, and the dog attacked her, too."
Penny digested that for a moment, then declared: "Ma'am, I would like to rent your dog!"
"Sure!" said the widow, pointing her thumb behind her, "Get in line."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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