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fuel/ temp gauge and radio intermittent power

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Bluestar, Jul 15, 2019.

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    I could not find anything like this by searching but then again it wouldn't be the first time ive missed something. I have a 1990 escort lx. When starting sometimes my fuel gauge, temp gauge and radio wont get power. Also noticed wipers wont work. I have to turn car off and restart for them to work. Ive found it happens only when I turn the key to start immediately. If I turn key to on and wait for the gauges to start to rise and then start it never happens. Any ideas what might be causing this? Everything else is working fine. Its just annoying at this point but don't want it to escalate to something worse.
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    Welcome to the forums! Good to see a member fixing up a 1st gen Escort to use.
    It could be something as simple as a worn or dirty or loose ignition switch - the electrical part, not the keylock part. My Escorts are 2nd gen ones. I think the first gen Escorts had the actual electrical part of the switch mounted on the column, a couple of inches down from the steering wheel I think. They bolted to the column somehow. Maybe the bolts/screws have come loose; or the electrical connector is loose, dirty, or half melted.

    There are going to be things on a 29 year old car that go bad from age, not from mileage.

    For example Im thinking of the wiper motors. On one of mine, the wiper arms began to work very slowly. The fix was to pull the motor off, open up the gearcase at the end of the motor, to scoop out the hardened old grease and lay down new grease. Things like this can be very confusing to mechanics who mostly work on much newer cars.
    Also, both Honda and Volvo had some ignition switches (the key lock part) that would hang up. Putting a drop of oil into the key and putting it into the kelocak, leaving it for ten minutes, and repeating that, solved most such problems.

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