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Why don't you just test the voltage at the pump with a volt meter or a test light ????

IF it's got voltage now, hooking it to a switch isn't going to help.

Where are you testing for pressure ??

Is your fuel filter plugged ??

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drew-z said:
and can i just wire the fuel pump to a switch
Not unless you're running the car on a track only! :eek:

As mentioned...locate the problem and fix it. It is nearly impossible to throw "fixes" at a problem without knowing WHAT the problem is.

Did it run BEFORE the "new" fuel pump?

Won't start:
1) Need air.
2) Need fuel (and you say that you have that, NOW.
3) Need spark. How we doing in that department?

VERY FEW things to look for on an Escort that won't start:
Fuel cut-out switch.
Timing belt.
Crank sensor.
Cam sensor.
Ignition switch or related circuit.

That's it floks...

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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