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Gasoline is not a stable substance. If allowed to sit it will separate into a black sludge and a thin, kerosene-like, fluid. The black sludge is the problem. Things like peices of rust that are too large to fit through the fuel system won't make it past the screen on the pump's in-tank pick-up, and if something does happen to make it through, the fuel filter will grab it. (we have plastic tanks on the escorts, btw, very little rust) If you drive your vehicle regularly and go through a lot of fuel, then injector cleaner won't have any sludge to attack. If you frequently leave your car parked for weeks at a time you may want to consider running fuel stablizers.

If you want to clean your fuel injectors, remove them and have them sonically cleaned.. it'll be cheaper and easier than buying and pouring in 100quarts of injector cleaner. Remember, most big brand name oil companies already have adequate detergents in their fuels.
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