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Fuel Gauge Having Problems

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AndrewL, Jul 12, 2019.

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    So, I have a 93 Escort and I have noticed that the fuel gauge acts kinda strange. Recently, on a full tank I drove around 150 - 160 miles all in the city and the needle on the gauge barley moved. It moved down a little bit, but it still said full. Later on the same tank of gas, I jumped on the freeway to go to another town and when I got back home I hit 206 miles. I then noticed that it indicated I had half a tank. I don't know what's wrong with it if anything. It seems like the gauge won't hardly move but when I reach like 215 miles it just drops dramatically. The furthest I've driven is around 230 miles before I filled up, and I still had a quarter of a tank. It seems like this car gets really good mpg. I used to drive a V8 so.

    Thank You!
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    south TX or northern VA
    Its true the fuel gauges misbehave. I have five Escorts, and they dont all act the same way. The problem is with the sending unit inside the tank. The metal grid can get dirty, or slightly torn or worn, and act strangely. The new sending units arent too expensive, and you can replace them without dropping the tank. The access hatch is under the middle of the back seat.
    Personally I just zero the trip odo when I fill up, and keep track of the distance, rather than what the fuel gauge is saying. I refill when the odo is showing about 250 miles of travel.

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