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ok i picked up my new motor from a local who decided to give up on his turbo egt after it finally rotted out, so we made a deal and i took everything sooo buy up i want my money back...lol....ill remove stuff as i sell it...


stock bp cams 50 and shipping

precision fmic i think it was 26x3.5x6.5, 75 plus shipping pending

neon green mazda valve cover 20 pus shipping

corksport downpipe ,wastegate tube has been cut and rerouted back in at the very top, and the bottom was capped, i believe he did it to make room for his oil return 125 plus shipping-- pending

turboxs rfl bov ,works perfect, looks sorta beat, 60 plus shipping

91-96 escort hatch fx designs body kit, not perfect, has cracks or chips, needs work shouldnt take much 150--no shipping--

msd blaster 2 coil 25 plus shipping

set of stock bp rods 35 plus shipping, get 3 pistons free

bp waterpump, unsure of brand or age, replaced when motor was built last year, looks to have been replaced once 15 plus shipping

stock bp oil pump taken off at 90k 35 plus shipping

steel, welded fmic pipes, with turboxs rfl flange, if i was gonna use it id grind it and reweld it, some spots look like they ran out of gas...lol.... 50 plus shipping

theres probably more im forgetting, and ill add what ever else i find. these prices arent set in stone, so if ya got cash make an offer....

pm me here, or you can find me on aim at yunvme666


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let me know if the turbo falls through..

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next in line for body kit...PM sent
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