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We are looking to get rid of this car either by parting out the engine and then some of the other stuff or by hopefully selling it all at once. We were planning to take this package racing but the amount of body/chassis rust has become an issue of safety for a few of the team members.

The good:
Running Mazda 1.8L BP-ZE
New timing belt installed by us
Manual Transmission
Cold air intake
Aftermarket plug wires
MSD Coil
Newer battery
Newer radiator
Complete sun roof assembly
Dual tip exhaust w/ tiny race muffler
3 17" aftermarket wheels of some sort
4 15" (stock) Alluminum wheels with race tires mounted (one wheel is painted black and the tires only have a bit of life left)
Good windshield and all other glass (some have a bit of paint and shocker stickers on them that should clean off)
3 piece wing (spray painted black)
Newer Rear brake rotors (drilled and slotted) and pads
Blue headlight bulbs
Set of Illuminite Speakers
Wireless key fob for fog lights

The bad:
The interior is mostly stripped (still has the dash)
We basically cut the entire rear frame out of the car and the rear subframe (rear wheel assembly) has nothing to bolt up to now. So the vehicle will need to be towed and is not drivable unless you are making a half car. We could possibly weld in a bar to hold the rear wheels on for transportation purposes only but only if you want everything.


The car is located in Oak Park, MI and if you see something you want or have a question please pm or email me (remove the spaces) hub bell c @ gm ail . c om

We were thinking something like $400 obo for everything

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