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Photos can be found here:

Buy one thing or buy it all. If you want a bunch of this stuff shoot me a PM, obviously it'll be less total if I can combine shipping, save myself some time disassembling things, etc.

IHI VJ23 RFH6 ballbearing turbo, Capable of 300+ horsepower no problem. $500 shipped CONUS
There is damage to the factory boost solenoid but generally no one makes use of that anyway, removing it in favor of a manual or electronic boost controller. Otherwise, good used condition.
All Oil & coolant hard lines and hoses with required banjo bolts, clamps, etc.
note: oil line is missing from photo, but factory hardline will be included. one of the coolant lines in the photo is damaged (right on the front of the CHRA), but a good one will be included.
Compressor Inlet pipe (stock)
Compressor Outlet pipe (stock)
Exhaust dump elbow
Turbo to block support bracket

GTR Mini-Ram Exhaust Manifold - $200 shipped CONUS
Note: there is some cosmetic damage to the front of the manifold, i believe the car this motor came from was in a minor accident (probably how it wound up at an engine export chop shop). Manifold heat shield was destroyed.
Brand new exhaust manifold gasket (not pictured)


Modified compressor inlet pipe, aims up and straight across the engine bay instead of up and rearward. Cut and TIG welded. $50 shipped CONUS

And finally... GTR engine mount bracket and front engine mount $50 shipped CONUS
This is shown in the photo of the turbo setup above. The GTR turbo inlet will not clear a stock BP mount bracket.

*The motor most of these parts came from was imported to the US but has never been installed or run stateside. The wiring harness was snipped, and there is Japanese text all over the oil filter. Since I haven't personally run the fully assembled motor the accessories are sold as is.*

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I'm interested in everything. What would you take for all of it shipped to 46219?
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