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*7 spokes and BMW wheels have been sold*

I have a set of first gen MR2 14" wheels with 195/55/14 Kuhmo R compound autocross tires with a fair amount of life left on them. I also have a set of 14" BBS basket weaves from a late 80's BMW 3 series with no caps, some minor scuffing and a ding or two from pot holes (wouldn't take them on the autobahn at 200 but would have no problem scooting around an autocross course with them at 40mph or so). I can't fit any 14's over my brakes so all of this stuff is of no use to me any more. I'm thinking $250 for the mr2 wheels and $150 for the BBS basket weaves. Also a set of clean 7 spokes with center caps for 200 a set of 3rd gen 14 inch swirlies for 150 and black 00 SR's for 300 with great tires

15" 7 spokes with caps. One cap has small crack (pictured) $200

15's with near new tires for $300 (Rare 00 S/R wheels)

more 14's for $150

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