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I've got an '03 Focus SE for sale, 134,000km on the engine/body, the vehicle has little to no compression in cylinder #4. The vehicle still runs just not so great on gas and low performance with no compression in that cylinder. The loss of compression could be caused from a valve issue, and or head gasket failure.

Its got the 2.0 dohc zetec. Brakes were recently done, oil changes done every 5000km, the vehicle comes with but not installed, belt, spark plugs, and spark plug wires. Passing safety wouldn't be a problem, but passing an e-test with the way the motor is now is not going to pass.

If you would like to use the vehicle for parts, or even to fix up if you've got a hook up it would be a great deal.

Email me your offers, car is located in Brampton

[email protected]

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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