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For Sale FS: 1995 Escort LX Wagon $500 obo

Discussion in 'Canada Classifieds' started by Infini_IV, Feb 25, 2011.

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    FS: 1995 Ford Escort LX wagon

    269,xxx kms
    Engine: 1.9L SOHC
    Transmission: Automatic
    Location: Cambridge
    $500 o.b.o.
    Car sold as-is, don't want a complicated sale.

    Can drive it to you (within Cambridge, possibly Kitchener area), pick-up would be best.

    This is my mom's old car. My parents were going to scrap it, but I thought it might be worth posting here just in case someone needed a parts car or something. It's been a good car. We've had it for around 10 years, I think. Would be nice to save it from the junkyard for a little longer, but that's where it's going in a few weeks if no one else wants it.

    It passes an e-test every time, starts and runs good, but I'm not sure it would pass a safety without some work. The body has some dents and scratches, some degree of underbody rust, etc.

    Engine runs well, had the head gasket done a few years ago, radiator replaced, regular maintenance (tie rod ends foreverrr). I forgot to take photos of the engine bay. The photo of the underbody is from 2009. Since then, the bad brake lines have apparently been replaced. Rear p/s tire goes flat all the time.

    It does have a GT grille, strut tower bar and intake, because I was young and used to drive it and...added unnecessary things sometimes. ANYWAY.

    Any questions or offers, send me a message and I'll get back to you asap.

    Exterior (hasn't been washed):


    Thanks for looking.

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