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Just finished replacing my front bearings and I have to admit it's not a job for the faint at heart. I'll try my best to describe the labour involved.

- First before you do anything else, loosen the hub nut retainer while the wheels are still on the ground. It'll take quite a bit of force to crack the locking tab or use the impact gun ( 32mm socket ). Jack up the front end.

- Remove brake caliper and rotor ( pound the rotor with a plastic hammer between studs to loosen).

-Here is where I strayed from manual since I don't have a hydraulic press....With a universal hub puller screwed into studs , remove hub from knuckle. You will pull the bearing inner race at the same time.
- Disconnect tie rod end from steering knuckle by removing cotter pin and nut and using a tie rod end remover.

- Remove 2 nuts and bolts securing the strut to knuckle.

- Remove nut and bolt from lower ball joint to knuckle and tap lower table with hammer to slide ball joint out of knuckle.

- Remove the steering knuckle from the halfshaft

- :!: Here again caution is advised: I used a torch to cut the bearing inner
race from the hub ... gently and tapped the rest of it off with screwdriver.

- Clean the e-clip locking the bearing in the knuckle and remove with snapring pliers.

- I positionned the steering knuckle on the ground, between 2 lenghts of 2x4's and using a 1 1/2" old impact socket carefuly centered on the old bearing, hammered the rest of the bearing from knuckle.

- Clean and gently sand the hub and inside of knuckle with fine grit emery cloth or equivalent.

- To install the bearing into the knuckle I used the same 1 1/2" old socket and hammer to first drive the new bearing into the knuckle ( gently , keep the bearing straight) . I then re-installed the e-clip with the snapring pliers.

- I then pushed the hub into the bearing by hand and drove the rest of it fully by resting the knuckle on the studs on a piece of wood and using that same 1 1/2" socket, gently tapped the bearing onto the hub completely.

- Re-install lower balljoint, strut bolts, tie rod to knuckle.

-Install a NEW hub nut and torque to app. 180- 235 ft.lbs. Make sure you notch the new nut in the halfshaft groove with punch and hammer.

- Re- install brake rotor and caliper. ( You might have to push in the inner brake pad and piston a bit, using a c-clamp, to fit it on the rotor . Loosen the brake fluid container cap first, and don't forget to thighten it after. )

That's it !!!! :D It took me 4 1/2 hrs. to do the job. But I like to take my time.
Hope this helps somebody.

Next job : replace timing belt. That should be fun !!!!!!!! We'll see next week-end; right now there's a few cold brewskis calling me :p
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