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Front tire wear pattern

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The car is a 1992 LX wagon. I just rotated the tires front to back and noticed the inner edge of the front tires are wearing. Is there a normal wear pattern if you leave the front tires on an Escort too long? The car tracks down the road fine, but I am wondering should I get it aligned. I sort of remember my 1986 wagon being hard on front tires, but wearing the tires down even.
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It could be one of two things the first and most likely is the allignment.The second is the front springs could be worn.I can´t remember the relative terms (camber,caster,toe in toe out plowing or pushing) I would get it checked at an allignment shop but first check the acceptable settings in your manual so you have something to compare against what the allignment shop tells you.I had mine checked on my 94 and they said it was ok but I compared the printout to the specs and it was about 5 degrees out of the acceptable setting for toe in causing wear on the out side.Of course I am pretty hard on tires because of the way I drive so I got it realligned before I put on new tires.
I just got the car alligned. It seems to track down the road fine. I wanted to make sure everything is OK before I put my egt wheels on my lx wagon. Im going to go with 195/55/15s. Its going to look so cool!
Think I might be late, but seriously seems like your camber is off.
Springs are a good guess. As they wear out an start to sag, the wheels tilt in more throwing your camber off. Also toe out will wear the insid edges of the tires, but you will also notice a "Sawtooth" patter in the tread. You can feel this if you rub your hand across the width of the tread. Either way, an alignment check should be done for good measure atleast, especially if it´s has been a while since it was last checked,


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get an alignment. plain and simple. Go to a good shop and they will tell you if there is a problem with anything. The shop I go to checks the ride height before starting to make sure the springs are still good. In any case even if you replace the springs, you still need an alignment.
Hey Pimp, the "sawtooth" indication you were talking about is called feathering. Feathering can occur on one edge of the tire, or across the whole tire.

Likewise, the other bad condition of tire wear is cupping. You can see cupping because the middle of the tire looks cupped from the outside and usually has less tread.
Maybe the springs shortened with age and caused the bottom part of the tire to camber out. I let my local Mercury dealer do the allignment and it seems they did a good job. The tires were not feathering or scalloping, they just wore smoothly on the inside. Thanks for everybodys imput.
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