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Front speakers

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I just bought my new rockford fostgate 4 " to put in the front.

I know i will have to take off my door covers but i need to know if reinstalling the inside door handle will be a problem. In my hayes manual it says i will be needing a "special tool".

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are you taking apart your door or something? i´ve taken off my door panels plenty of times, and all i´ve used is a normal screwdriver and a rag (for the window handle clip). to unlatch the door handle from the thin metal bar just takes some prying effort, and the same to put it back on. i don´t recall seeing in Haynes where it says to use a special tool, now i gotta check and see what they mean... :-?
it´s trick, but you don´t need a special tol for it. i just prodded it in with a long flat screwdriver. can be frustrating if your hands are cold and weak like mine during cold evenings, but very much doable. be firm but gentle though, it would be very annoying if you broke the plastic snap thingy...lol :-]
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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