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FPR problem? or normal?

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For the time being I still need to run the car for awhile before I start the T3 build up. I noticed a heavy heavy gas smell coming from my FPR vacuum line the last week when I pulled it to install some stuff.. So I figured the diaphram went bad on the old one and went out to purchase a new one. Get the new one in and ran the car for a little bit only to find the new vacuum line I put on with the new FPR smells of gas all over again... I installed a clear hose on on it to see if I could see it leaking fuel from the port, but nothing even under high rpm or load. New one's bad too? or is this normal for our FPR's to be doing (I'm not using the GTX FPR)? I've never honestly noticed any smells coming from that vacuum line before other then last week...
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8O No one knows? Could it just be backwash from the intake manifolds vacuum port by the head?..
If you don't see any gas then I wouldn't worry about it.
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