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Actually the intake on the Miata faces the opposite way from the 1.8 on the EGT. The Miata is of course RWD, so the clutch and flywheel side (drivers side on the EGT) sits towards the rear, so the intake comes from the front. Same way it is on any RWD car.

You could always try throwing in the 1.8 from the Miata, it makes 142-147 hp instead of 127 hp, and it's exactly the same as the 1.8 in the EGT. (save for the intake)

Best thing is http://www.flyinmiata.com makes a turbocharger bolt on kit for the Miata. Base for an FMII system you'll pay $4900 and can produce upwards of 220-240 hp at 15 psi with a built bottom end. :wink:

If you want to make some serious power get one of those. I'm going to build my 1.8 myself though. :p
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