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found a xr2 1.6turbo! just delivered to local j/yare

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so i´m looking in the junk yard today for some mx3 seats(no luck), but came across a 93 capri xr2
this is a 1.6 with 90.000 on the clock.
i would like to get it but need some info first, like compatability and stuff. i thimk i´ve discovered a gold mine.
oh- there were 2egts with a lot of good parts, both 90´s, one with a good motor.
hey Slapyo was the 1.6t similar to the 323 GTX. if its worth it ill yank-it for some one else
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I thought that the 323 GTX was the 1.8L GT turbo motor??
The GTX with the 1.8L turbo was from 91-94. (really rare here in the states). The late 80´s 323´s were 1.6L motors. The 1.8L is nothing more then a longer form of the 1.6L. I´m pretty sure the 1.6L turbo exhaust manifold will work for you. However, I´m not positive....I know the BP6 manifold looks a little different from the 1.8. But I think the porting on the head is the same.

The other difference might be in the actual turbo. I´m not sure on the 1.6L specs but I know the VJ20 is a 52mm housing.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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