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I´m not going to point fingers but we recently had someone decide to play with the HTML of te forum. It messed it up on that post pretty good. Donnie and I have limited time to work on this site so when people start monkeying around it takes away from our time helping others or expanding/updating the site.

I ask that you keep your coding to your own personal sites. obviously the exception being BBCode that you can use for links etc. I went ahead and shut HTML off so we don´t have to watch for it in the future. Its not a big deal for regulars but if we get someone new trying to learn about scorts they are not as likely to stick around if something is messed up.

I´m not trying to turn this into a rant or anything just a cautionary (sp?) note.
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I´m suere the dude meant no harm. I for one had no idea it messed up anything besides the page it was in. If I ever learn that stuff, I will try to remember where it would cause damage.
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um- oops? I´m sorry

please put html back up, I do use it a lot on the boards... I promise I won´t mess around with it anymore.
*walks away in shame*
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No more monkeying around I promise

and hey if you need any help with site maintenance, I may be able to help out.
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we will just leave HTML off for now, cause if you need to post anything like links, or pics you can use the BBcode that is just below the message box.
no, your sig is cool, atleast it should be. however the posts made in the forum won´t allow HTML.
Hey, can someone explain HTML, and also BBcode. What are they, how are they used, etc. I´m basically clueless on this stuff, and I won´t learn unless I ask.
It´s cool. its kind of a security thing anyway it should stay off if possible.

I wasn´t pissed I just wanted to make a note of it before everyone started playing around and making the boards look like crap.

P.S. it didn´t really harm anything other than making the site look weird
and damnit we are t cool for that!!!
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I didnt mean to do it, and I think I fixed it... donnie my piccy isnt working
d00d, no... this is so me... I f***ed the hell outta that poor board just to see how messed up I could get it. I put tables in tables in tables and got some really cool lookin picasso stuff goin on. But at first I thought you could just close the thread and not have to mess around with stuff, but I´m wicked sorry if I made you spend like 5 hours re-writing the code or anything...

and html is kinda cool. I know html, but not java. I started coding before java was popular, and I haven´t done any in a while, so I´m not up with it. But java is a really cool language and you can make some neato bandito stuff with it too.

And hey, I´m thinking of making a donation to the site eventually, and I was wondering if I could get one of those pimp-ass window stickers... I don´t know if you have a big one that spans all the way across the top of the front windsheild, but I´d be big pimpin crusin around town in my breadbox with a giant "F E O A . N E T" sticker. w00t! that would r0x0r j00r b0xorZ!!!1

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dont worry bout it, no coding necessary to fix. we just turned HTML off and it fixes itself. we meant to have HTML off because it was way back but we never got around to it.

as for stickers, on the home page of the site right in the middle we have a link to the company that does the stickers for us and they will do custom stickers and windshield banners for ya.

I didn´t want to look a complete pratt! I´ve no idea what the "thingy letters" mean. Still don´t.

Please can someone explain so no-one else mucks up?
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