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during the move there seemed to be a couple problems with threads. if you encounter a problem with a particular thread, please post the thread as well as the error message you recieved. i am trying to track this down and fix it.

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You could be inundated with PMs. I wasn't joking when I said over half of the threads in the "Last 20 Posts" were inaccessible to me. I just tried to access each of the Last 20 right now and the following 12 were inaccessible:

http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=6992
http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=8079
http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=7886
http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=8083
http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=8071
http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=8080
http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=7475
http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=7887
http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=7926
http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=8068
http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=7924
http://www.feoa.net/modules.php?name=Fo ... pic&t=8046

Always, I get the same message - the Internet Explorer blank browser screen pops up (after several seconds of thinking) saying the page cannot be displayed (either the site is experiencing technical difficulties or my browser settings are messed up). I don't have problems on the internet except here, so I don't think my browser settings are incorrect.

There are threads that I have never viewed that are inaccessible as well as ones I have posted to. There are old ones and brand new ones; which leads me to believe the problem is on-going. The links that appear broken to me are obviously not broken to others.

That's about as much help as I can provide with my limited mental capacity.

The only good thing is that some of you are spared my sarcasm and unnecessary condescending rants 'cos I can't respond to your posts. There is a silver lining to every cloud, I guess.
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