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When I log into the site, I usually click the "Forums" button on the main page, then click the "View new posts since your last visit" link. All well and good, so far... and I'm given a page listing all the topics that have posts since my last visit (as expected).

Then, probably half the time I'm going through that list, clicking on the little icon to the left of the topic title (View new posts), I'll get a page that says "No new posts since your last visit" rather than the (expected, and previously calculated and displayed on the "results" page from which I clicked) the new post(s).

If I click on the topic title itself (or the last enumerated page of a multi-page topic), I can then read through to the last post I remember reading before and pick up the (aha! there are new posts here, see!!) new posts.

...question is, why does the Forum software forget that it just told me there are new posts that I haven't read sometimes?
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