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Usage of this forum is dependent upon acceptance of the following rules. Please keep in mind that www.FEOA.net reserves the right to censor any post or remove it from the site entirely.

[Rules for FEOA.net]

1. No personal attacks
This includes, but is not limited to, name calling, flaming people, racial slurs, personal threats, physical threats, badgering, etc.

2. No Foul Language
No foul language of any kind is allowed. This includes 'masked' language, our filters are there for a reason!

3. No Adult Content
This is a family site. Please use discretion while posting. Pictures or links.

4. Sales
There are no sales allowed in forums other than the Sale Forum. This includes trades, sales, 'wanted' requests. Please refrain from posting any of these on the forums, excluding the Sale Forum.

5. No 'chit-chat' and personal conversations
This is a discussion forum. Please feel free to discuss topics, ideas, and anything else. Please avoid conversation that is not based upon a topic or a personal conversation with one or two other members. There are many forums/services available for personal conversations or off topic chitchat. Feel free to use the PM system for chit chat.

6. Have a good time!
The point of this forum is for all of us, as members of a community, to learn about what else is in our lives than escorts. The key is having fun. Hopefully by following the five above guidelines we can make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Failure to follow the above rules can result in warnings or permanent banning from FEOA.
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Not open for further replies.