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I found a pair of Acura 1.6 L under a pile of trash a block or two away from my home and brought them home to install them in my car... the rails would not fit so what I did is that i unbolted the OEM Escort seat rails and i rebolted them under the acura seats....it was easy...and it took me like 30 minutes or so to do it....the only tools you need is a ruler, a drill and a ratchet.... and chances are that your escort rails might fit in the predrilled holes on the Probe seats..since both cars are ford....it might work..i dont know..but seriously its pretty simple to do... i dont have pics yet...but ill post some up on my cardomain page pretty soon...

so no need to make custom bracket that could be hazardous if not done properly if you even have an accident.....

im totally satisfied with my seat swap.....the seats were free, they look nice, they feel nice, and they are closer to the ground then the original factory seats in my escort...and by the way my car is an LX.... so now my car feels a little more sportier and my head does not touches the top of my car anymore whenever i drive over bumps :p YAY! hehehe

totally worth it...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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