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Ford escort station wagon survival & bug out ideas

Discussion in 'Escort Wagons' started by Leonel, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. Blitzter

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    At least one 50 cal machine gun and lots of a ammo.. Oh yeah a tripod for the 50 cal is a must.
  2. mcph3rson

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    Bout to buy a street legal Suzuki DR250 tomorrow. So of course a dirtbike hitch mount off the back will be required. On the top would be better.

    Little Mercury Topaz diesel engine with a trailer full of veggie fuel would be cool too. Easier to throw roadkill in the back too.
    Though I've packed many-a deer in a pickle pack and bicycle. Best to strap one on the hood to let the women know you're serious. They might be doubtful of a guy in an Escort in such troubled times.

    In all actuality I'd be dragging mine around with a diesel Suburban. Or sorry guys.. not at all.

    And if I had to play with an Escort in the apocalypse or on .... DavidsFarm, Could you join 2 Escort cabs together for a dual engine 4wd?

    Edit: If I was 15 again.. would totally troll forum and open a thread titled "my dual engine 4wd bild" of course whole topic would be asking for a how to.

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