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I post a few days ago regarding my 1998 not running 100% ( if anyone wants to read the post it's still there). Well took it out today partly sunny ( I live in NY & it has rained for the past 9 days on & off a few days real heavy) got about 5 miles into my trip & it started to loose power again & then would catch its breath when I put my right foot down then it did not do it again for about another 8 miles total trip approx 20 miles. Made a few short trips around & it started again & got a check engine light. I was close to my mechanic & of course while I was there car ran like a top ( he checked the code AIR IDLE OVERSPEED & cleared the light ) he recomended that I change the Idle air control valve. I drove it again & the check engine light came on again ( did not check it yet ) but I cheched my wires they are motor craft & they look fine & mechanic said they looked almost new he pulled them from the coil while car was running to see if I had good spark he also checked the exhaust he said it seem like I have a good flow no wet or oil in the tail pipe just a lite ash when you rub a finger on the inner wall of the tail pipe & he told me to come back when its running bad again. I routed the spark plug wires with some plastic seperators they do not touch or cross & do not touch any metal parts at all . Went out for a short trip approx 5 or 6 miles no issues no problems but still have check engine light. Waiting for Motorcraft fuel filter to come in & going to clean MAF again. ANYONE GOT ANY OTHER IDEAS ??????? I am kepping an eye on my colant to see if I am using any and I looked at the oil again and it looks amber like it came out of the quart. HELP ME BEFORE I LOOSE MY MIND !!!!!!!!!
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