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Ford Escort Build

Discussion in 'Circle Tracks' started by CrewCheif75, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Hey everyone. Im getting ready to build another Ford Escort this time im going to be building a zx2 because i like the body style but going to be putting in a 1.9 sohc motor because of the weight rules for the 1.9s are better. Just on here trying to find every little peice of info and tips as im building this car to make it handle better and be faster. Its hard at our track as the tech is strict but our track is 1/4 mile paved oval with 22 degree banking. We also were having an issue with gear ratio when they gave us a diffrent track tire in 2011 and now we went from third gear to second gear. Thats how big of a diffrence this new tire is from our old tire. Its still a 14 inch tire but the diameter went from like 73 inchs to like 76 now and were trying to figure out what to do to make these things go better and idk what to do. I can give anybody a copy of our rules from last year as the new ones have not come out yet and see what you think can be done. Thanks

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