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Dear all
Like I said I have Escort 1.8 TD 1998 and I want to exchange experience with you. Like all the people who like Ford the same is here. I have some problems but I don't want to change it still. It is eating a little bit of oil 2-3L on every 9.000km but it is not too much :( . I have problem with finger board for flickering lamp - everybody have the same problem after a while. Plumbing started to be bad on same parts but i don't care a lot. Clutch is almost there for changing but still it goes. I passed about 160km if it is correct value. The bigest concern for me is ENGINE. I feel that it doesn't go like when i bought it (I know it is normal), but now because of the winter it starts harder and harder. I put some additive in diesel and it is ok, but generally I feel that is not ok. I changed heaters after I had problem month ago, even after that things aren't better. I doubt that engine need some repairs. I hear the sound like when the throttles aren't ok. What do you think? Write about your problems also !!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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