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ok so like 3 weeks ago i dropped a new motor into my 92 lxe... since then the heater core has gone bad and a bearing has gone bad... im not sure if the bearing is on the alternator or water pump. i replaced the heater core last night. i ended up removing my WHOLE interior, carpet,seats, dash... and wet dry vac'd the interior to help dry it up. i got everything wired up and put back together and i put the key in and my ignition is jacked up. its really hard to turn the key (still turns and starts, and shuts the car off) but its like stuck in the acc position so my stereo wont shut off unless i shut it off... and all that good stuff. i totally understand why people sell their cars now... if i was not mechanically inclined i would have lit the car on fire by now... one freakin thing after another.

on a side note though, my cousin has a gt and the other night we were at a light. i was behind him and there was a merge on the other side of the light. i knew he would punch it so as soon as the light turned green i had my tires screaming... he did go and i was pulling him the whole time... in my 4 door :) . good times ;)
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