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for the escort lovers and vtec haters

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i´ve designed a shirt for all you vtec haters/ford escort lovers...heres the link:


buy yer shirt today :-D
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when u get it James...stop by so i can check it out :D
[09] BadcolumN: in that case, why is everybody on feoa always bashing hondas?
[09] james: you know that reason. smartass
[09] BadcolumN: ...no I dont
[09] BadcolumN: is it because "we" dont like it how the honda owners rice out their rides
[09] BadcolumN: and know nothing about cars?
[09] BadcolumN: or is it truly because we´re jealous
[09] james: parts of both, i guess. i don´t know
[09] BadcolumN:
"you know that reason. smartass"
"i don´t know"
[09] BadcolumN: ahem.
[09] james: for the love of God man.

Lol... good times, james... :-]

I still don´t see what you guys have against VTECs though. If somebody would care to enlighten moi...
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I never said I had anything against VTECs or any Honda in general. I just tend to love the car I have over the one I can´t even afford USED.

i have nothing wrong against Hondas because i have owned 2 of em. one was full show and the other was gonna be full show until i sold it. the shirts were designed all in fun and if you find offense to them, then you dont have to buy one at all. again, they were made all in fun just like the shirts about our lug nuts having more torque than Hondas.............
Too overpriced and extreamly overrated. Thats all. Uuuuuh...I own Vtec...aaaah.. There is nothing special about Hondas. NOTHING. They just a good cars. Nothing else.
I don´t hate Hondas either(he´s lying)I just hate the way the aftermarket kisses the butts of the japanese auto enthusiast and leaves us hanging out there dangling in the wind.I like making custom stuff for my ride but I´d like to be able to shop for a body kit and have five styles from as many manufacturers and be able to get a good deal on a finished product that is guranteed to fit.I hate when I put hours and hours into something and screw it up when I´m almost done just to have to do it all over again.So I don´t appreciate Hondas with alot of pre made bolt on crap as much as the one of a kind stuff I have to make and I don´t appreciate the Honda owner who willingly opens his wallet but doesn´t even own a tool box.
Maybe I´m schizo but... I think Honduh is pitifully BORING. But I really like Acura. Same technology but different designers. The RSX is a sweet car, a nice replacement for the Integra. But the Civic still looks the same after what...10 years? Plus how many Civics can you count on the way to work? Too many to count on both hands. Same with the Accord. Way boring. And that new one just looks ODD. I´ll take a Mazda 6 or the new Altima any day. Or an Acura 3.2 CL Type S if I had close to $30K.
I have to say that VTEC is a very nice concept but so is ZETEC. I have no problem with honda´s just there owners! ex: yeah man i got rims, a wing, and some stickers i just gianed like 200 hp damn m car is bad ass! silly and annoying i think so!
And everyone wonders why I´m doing up my suspension, engine and transmission BEFORE i do anything cosmetic...well besides shaving the emblems off my grille and hatch ;-)
By the way, Zetec and vtec are VERY VERY different. a Zetec Focus engine just advances/retards timing and uses an intake runner that changes length depending on RPM to aid in breathing. VTEC actually locks in different cam lobes to give a higher lift duration, for more rpms and hp. This is the ONLY reason why Honda´s make 100 hp per liter (or even greater). But VTEC with a cold air intake is pretty much the only thing I loved about my brothers 2000 SI. :)
Vtec does nothing for power it´s more for emissions and gas mileage. Only the ricer tards think it´s a power adder. The VICS on 1.8´s is more of a power adder than the V-Tec.

12-03-2003 at 12:34, CosworthWannabe2 wrote:
Vtec does nothing for power it´s more for emissions and gas mileage. Only the ricer tards think it´s a power adder. The VICS on 1.8´s is more of a power adder than the V-Tec.


Really? Without Vtec the 1.6L SI engines wouldn´t have 160 hp...VICS doesn´t give me 180 hp...or...does it, and Ford never told anyone?! :-? SHHHHHHHH!!! :) to get 180 hp Ford has to turbocharge the 1.8. which if you think about it Vtec should be the 8th wonder of the world. kick ass economy and 160 hp 1.6L? or even a 246 hp 2.4L I4? damn.
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