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Fog Lights

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my stockl fog lights arent working and i was going to take them off and see whats the issue.

how do i remove the panel under the steering colunm where the stock switch it?

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did they both stop working at the same time? start with the fuse, then worry about the switch. if one went out then the second, they probably need bulbs.
ha nvm im stupid. i just got the gt yesterday and didnt know the headlights have to be one for the fogs to work
I didn't like that the headlights needed to be on to run the fogs. I first rewired them to be switched on with ign. hot. Then, I installed some nice square Pilot Fogs it the stocker place. It was easy to rewire the org. switch, but I later upgraded to lighted rocker switches in the center console near e-brake handle. If you want to run independently from headlamp switch, find what wire is hot at switch and run new power from key-on accessory. It has been years and I can recall which wire; a test light is your best friend in this situation. I ran power from the rear defroster switch(rarely used and plenty of amp capability even without relay).
you need to realize that you could get pulled over if your fog lights are on and your headlights arent. its a law that they need to be on together
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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