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hi i was replaceing the clutch on a 1991 egt that im swapping i got the flywheel resurfaced the guy at the machine shop said he was familiar with the car and so forth tanking about how 10 years ago he swaped in a bpt into a 323.. i have the mada grille on my car.. im thinking he used the wrong specs when he resurfaced it because he took off .140 i can see where the old material started and where its been cut down too... im am now wondering if the pressure plate will be able to engage to clutch onto the flywheel propwerly whit that much material missing or sould i look for a new flywheel... i said it was a 1991 EGT im thinking he thought it was a 1991 protoge.. i didnt kno there were 2 stlyes of 1.8 liter motors for that car until now.. yikes.
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