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Flushed the cooling system

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This stuff STUNK, smelled like rotten fish. Flushed it about 6 times and got it to be clear.
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did you use any additives, ?
did you use any additives, ?
yeah i used some super flush additive on the first and second flush. the rest was just distilled water.
this is exactly what i followed! my picture doesn’t have the last flush but it was pretty much clear. this cooling system has NEVER been flushed. i’m sure the previous owner was just running water in it so it was filthy.
Did you find the fish?
yeah, a big 7 pounder swam out of the thermostat housing
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I got a medium, mouse sized lump of brown slime out of the engine when I flushed out the '92 Protege in the fleet.
I had tried flushing the heater core to fix a low output fault, then thought of doing the engine as well, through the heater core connections. This worked much better than flushing the engine the usual way.
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