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First one to 1,000 Posts wins EVERYONE´S Escorts.

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Ok so maybe not...but damn I´m gettin up there. :-o I´m a high mileage poster, what´s my resale value? :-]
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Dunno about your resale value.. lookin a little shabby. Do you have any cheap parts you could sell for $300 and give your self away with? ;-) :p
Man i think you post on everything (not that it is a bad thing). I have been here less than a month more than you and you have me beat by like almost 900. Congrats
Yeah, I´ve been called a post whore. Hey, I don´t get laid so I gotta whore myself in something right? I do post in everything, cause I like to help my fellow peeps out on this site, this is basically my life right now, i´m addicted to my Escort and this site. I love it. I´d kiss Donnie and Matt if I could, but I don´t wanna go to jail. ;-) Plus I´ve learned so much about My EGT off this site, which right now is helping me decide whether or not this 93 EGT w/ 118k miles would be worth what they´re asking. I really just want to give this same information back out to anyone else wanting to know about the 1.8 DOHC BPD8. I wish I was better versed on the 1.9 SOHC engines though.
James, man, congrats on breaking 1000 with the posts! :-]
I know what you mean too, cause I also get obsessed with my scort(s) and with this site. And yeah, helping others out is definitely a good thing.

Btw, why would you want a 93 EGT w/118k miles on it when you have a 92 with fewer miles already? Is it nicer than yours? Are you planning to keep both? To drive one while you rebuild the other? Just wondering what´s up with that.
Yeah, and I wouldn´t think a dented 93 with that mileage would be worth more than $3000. It costs a lot to get dents out (unless you work in a body shop.)
Yeah i´m going to test drive the 93 to see if it runs smoother than my 92 does and if it does I´ll pull out my info on that specific 93 I found and make him lower the price to 4000 or under. I had planned on rebuilding my 92 because all summer I´ve done gas mileage on it and it only made 20 mpg about 3 times. the rest it won´t get over 18, (15 lately). (check out my post about 180 hp N/A to see what my new and improved plans are with this engine)
I love my Scort, it´s paid for and I have the title framed and on the wall in my room :-] I had to work overtime today and the place closed at 1, and it´s after 3 now so I didn´t get a chance to get out there today to test it out. He does offer a 3 month/ 45,000 mile drivetrain warrenty on the car.
i got 1000 posts.
geez guys.. come on... it's 3.5 years old...
Etienne said:
geez guys.. come on... it's 3.5 years old...
Then why is it still here?
Maverick, pure lust.
somebody lock this before it just keeps on growing!!!!

hey guys.
oh dear god, I've created a monster...


a little whoring never hurt anyone, right?
you changed yer avitar and i thought you were someone else when i first glanced at it.
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