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88 gt ,5 speed
MSD Blaster TFI Coil - PN 8227
MSD 6BTM, PN 6462
MSD Fuel Pump Booster PN 2350
HKS SSQV Blowoff Valve
custom ford prob intercoller
t-3 off of a murker xr4ti
rs manny from the uk
E-bay Boost Vacuum Gauge
E-bay oil/water/fuel gauge package
5in moster tack
a hole lot of parts form this place
Vacuum Manifold http://www.goldeneaglemfg.com

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10:1 custom wiseco pistons
Forged eagle rods(Honda b16)
83 1.6L escort crank offset ground to fit honda rods
Block decked and o-ringed
Copper head gasket
ARP head studs
ARP main stud
Head fully ported and polished
Custom spings, valves, retainers
Upper and lower intake ported
Stock flywheel lighted
Full sds standalone EM-4E
100 shot of nitrous(when fully tuned, intill then 50 shot.)
Center Force Dual friction clutch

And some other stuff im sure im forgetting.

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1989 Escort Lx
1.9L w/5 speed
black outside w/
light blue innards
really super clean
kinda extra car/ kinda

KYB GR2 front and rear struts
stock front springs minus 1.5 coils
2006 Focus 15" wheels
1G HO header
R134A retro fit
Kenwood mp3 player
Kenwood door speakers
Precision Audio rear speakers
1g GT tilt column

1G MFI intake, head, induction, ecu
RS turbo exhaust manifold
T3 XR4Ti/SVO turbo
SVO "big" VAM upgrade
Crower cam

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'88 1/2 LX 4dr ATX
130,000 miles
Oxford White
Full options package
Daily driver/ Family car

'89 GT front bumper
'' '' slider cam
'' '' tubular header
'' '' front and rear sway bars
'89 Tempo large two core radiator

UPR white gauge faces
Sony head unit
Ford replacment speakers
88' Thunderbird TC ATX leather shifter handle and 4-way head rests
'85 GT Turbo
37,000 orignal miles (20 years old and still a baby)
All options, except premium sound and sunroof

The car is stock as of now, but I've got a handfull of mods to do to her.

Banhammer available, no waiting!
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1988.5 LX 5-Door Hatchback

1.9L CFI w/ 3 speed Automatic (sucks I know)

Custom audio system for SPL competition (Current highest SPL, 150.6 with dB Drags rules and calibrations)
Custom painted interior
GT front seats
UPR white face gauges

UPR and myself custom grill
GT front bumper
GT alloy wheels, powder coated silver
Suspension Tech. 1.75 lowering springs
Dual tipped stainless steel muffler by Focuz

Going to add a GT header to my setup as soon as I get the EGR system figured out and completed.

Check out my Cardomain site for pictures and more information. Also be kind and vote......that you like it. :lol: :wink:

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Hey Guys, I just stumbled upon this forum, so I decided to join in. Here are some specs of my 1g:

1988 Escort GL
1.9 CFI w/ 3-spd auto (it sucks, but it was my grandma's car and she didn't like stick shift)
New Blue paint job
Blue interior
pioneer cd player w/ new pioneer speakers (6" speakers in the front and 6"X9" speakers in the back)
daily driver for school and such

Haven't done any mods on the exterior or the engine, but it's fine the way it is. I'll post some pics when I find my digi cam.


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89 Escort GT 1.9L EFI CVH
Stock rebuild before the cam and head work 11.3 @ 64mph in the 1/8 asleep at the light :oops:

Bored .020 for maint
New internals
K&N Air filter with custom intake hose
Custom Adjustable Vane Airflow Meter
Adjustable Fuel Press Reg
MSD Ignition
Custom 2.5" flowmaster exhaust with resonator and NO Cat
High performance cam, springs, lifters from www.escortfocus.com
276/284 dur-.462/.479 lift
Comp Cams hydraulic lifter setup
Cylinder Head was ported and polished and port matched to the intake manifold.
Angle Valve Job

Eibach Pro Kit Plus
KYB Gas Struts

Alpine CDA 9813
JL Audio 6.5" Doors
Memphis Audio 1000D
Resonant Engineering HC15
Posted a 149.5db with a generous mic at Audiocreations in Bham, AL

In progress:
Conversion to 88 front bumper and fenders
2004 Porshe metallic blue/silver to resemble the original Twillight Blue and gray trim.

Megasquirt fuel management
Garrett A/R T3
Ford Turbo Manifold

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88 GT Turbo

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guess ill post in here first....heh

i have an 82 EXP with a transplanted 1.9HO from an 89GT, 4-speed. mods? 89GT wheels (winter tires/wheels), MSD blaster SS coil and MSD 6A, custom 2-3" intake with con filter, performance cam, lx bottom end (for future turboing), fog lights, and a sweet stereo. pic? sure:


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Well this is my Bitch....<lol>

shes been giving me problems right up the friggn fart can...

1990 2 door Hatch...
custom exhaust( magnaflow)
auto trans...
custom sidemarkers..(multi APC)
black limo tint..
custom front grill - (in the process)
Painted engine...well customly cleaned I may add..lol
Sanded down Gt rims, painted white...
Custom Interior painted..
Custom Fabbed Gauges...Made myself...
Red interor lighting...
XR racing Logos and Seats covers..( gotta love the rice stickers....lol)
Alpena brake and gas pedals...
a new cd/mp3 system, I forget the friggn name of...lol
Alpine 6x9s with Sony xplod covers..

and finally..

1 PROUD CANADIAN THROW covering my back seats..

thats it for now..will add more later..lol

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89 GT, 1.9 L EFI HO

cold air intake
ported head .40
195-50-15 kelly tires
BMW m/// front bumber, with fog lights
2, 10" speakers with amplifier & 2, pioneer 6 x9
kenwood radio and digital equalizer
& some extras...

red, grey flares[/b]

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1989 LX 5-door
"Champagne" in colour (plus a bit of rust, yay Nova Scotia)
Very underwhelming 3-speed automatic
A mere 117,000 km's (I came into possession of the car in 2000 when it was barely broken in at 68,000 km's)

All in all a a fun little car that holds a metric crapload of stuff in the back.

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82 Escort
Bores .040 over
Crank offset ground 15 thou
Bullet Cam .430 thou lift 284 Durration
4 Speed Frankenstien MTX
Liberty Transmisson Custom 4th Gear
Trans is a Pro Shifted Crash Box
Custom Short throw Vertical Gate shifter
Mallory 140 Fuel Pump
Fidanza Alum Flywheel
Mcloed Cintered Iron Clutch
Intake Stock
Carb Stock
Head Stock
Pistons Stock +.040
Crank Stock
Valve Train Stock
Bogart Lightweight Aluminum wheels
Mickey Thompson Slicks up front
and front runners out Back
14 time NHRA World Record Holder :twisted:

Oh Yeah and it's White
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