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Well, first of all my name is Lance, I am 19 and a owner of a 1995 4dr 2nd gen ford escort and am currently turning it in to a show car,

some of the things i have done to it so far is...

neon lights under the car
neon lights in side the car
body kit
4 aftermarket 16" rims
strobelight kit
fiberglass some pannels

my plans that are 100% going to happen...

re do all the interior to black and neon green
add more strobelight kits
add sound system from massive audio
add a bigger altnator with a min of 1 extra batterie
re paint whole car ( keeping ti factory green )
installing angle eyes
swaping my automatic tranny to a 5 speed manual
adding a turbo
Co2 cooling system with purge kit
front doors will be lambo style
back doors will be suicide style

tasks i am tackling now...

looking to find out how and what manual tranny will work with my car
Co2 cooling kit
purge kit

I have big plans for this car. I get asked all the time why i am wasteing my time and money on this car... well if you would like to know.. ill let you know... i live in PA and i have never seen a 1995 ford escort with any thing done to it like what im doing to mine. :twisted: I will post pictures as i go.

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welcome to the group. what part of PA are you from?
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